Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bottom of the basket syndrome????

Does anyone else have this problem? Dirty clothes get lost in the bottom of the basket, not to be seen clean again for months. It occurs when you don't completely empty the basket while doing laundry and more dirty clothes get piled on top of what is already there. The next time you go to do laundry, you wash what is on top, leaving whats on the bottom there to sit and wait.

It was brought to my attention (by the person that has yet to add me to friends that if you leave clothes that are too small within reach they are gonna wear them (see previous post about Zoey's choice of clothes). To explain why they were in her drawer still...those pants suffered from the bottom of the basket syndrome.

The shirt that technically goes with the pants in question is short sleeved, and the outfit has not been worn for a couple months. Now, the shirt has been clean for a while, but the pants got lost at the bottom of the basket of dirty jeans and recently got washed, dried, and put away. Because of this, these pants were at the top of the stacks in the drawer. So, the last time these pants were worn before Sunday they still fit. The sad thing about the bottom of the basket syndrome is that I know for a fact there is a pair of capris of Zoeys that are in the jeans basket still waiting to be washed. I think those were worn in September to school the last time they were

I have went through great steps to prevent the bottom of the basket syndrome from occurring in the darks and lights baskets (as there used to be a problem here as well), and now I apparently need to implement these steps for the dirty jeans basket. I will keep you posted on this problem in my laundry room regarding Mt Morton.

Until later today, as its time to go buy construction paper and glue sticks, farewell all.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crazy Weekends

Sometimes I really hate the weekend. For most people, the weekend is a time to relax with the family and get some things done, but for me it usually means I have to work. When I am at work is when tends thing to fall apart here at home, examples of such are the house being trashed, nothing being picked up, and nothing getting done. Most of this occurs because I am not home to either prevent it or to make it happen.

See, there was a plan for this weekend, which for one reason or another got messed up. The main reason was my mother, how we love her, was supposed to come today, but decided to come on Saturday instead. Which, really shouldn't have been that bad since what we had planned on doing on Saturday when I got home could have been done today when I got home from work, or so you would think.

Well, today came and I got up and went to work, mind you everyone was still snug in bed sleeping soundly, besides the dogs that is. I come home from work a little late, after a voicemail saying I thought you got off at 1pm, which was left at 1:15, saying stop and get this, this and this before you come home. So I go pick up the things that were *needed* and headed home.

I get home, and the only person dressed in the house is Zoey, and that is because after making Mike give her a bath she went upstairs and picked out her clothes herself (oh it was quite an outfit let me tell ya).
As you can see her favorite colors are pink and purple, and she loves to wear zip up hoodies. I just wished she wouldn't have picked pants that were too short, but it could have been a skirt so I shouldn't complain too much. The shirt sort of matched the pants in that the flowers on the pants are pink like the shirt, now where the purple hoodie came in to all this I'm not sure, oh and she also had on purple non skid socks when I got home (those have since been replaced by slippers and then bare feet).
The sad part was that Mike and Bradlee were still both in the pajamas laying around on the couch watching TV (must have been nice). So, we really needed to get into the attic today and get some stuff down and put some stuff up there, but it kind of hard to do so when no one is dressed. Since no one got dressed until much later nothing got done. Bradlee got dressed to go to a friend's house, and Mike only got dressed to go pick him up from the friend's house.
In light of all of this, the house is only semi-trashed since some of the kids were gone and nothing got done, but at least I have the next three days off. I suppose I will be spending some of my time in the attic tomorrow, which is not my idea of a good time. So the time is 9:18 and I really need to go tackle Mt Morton for a bit since I haven't been down there since Friday (oh the horror of it all) as laundry was another thing that got interrupted by my mom coming a day early.
So until tomorrow, good night all and sleep tight.

Friday, January 25, 2008

What a day

This has been quite a day. I woke up this morning sore because my back really needs adjusted, but who has the time or the money...not I. I sneak downstairs (as not to wake up the Zoey monster) and what do I find......the Bailey monster has struck again. In the midst of rushing to get out the door this morning, someone left the bathroom door open. Now mind you, he may be cute as you will see, but he loves his trash, especially the coveted bathroom trash.

See, I said he was cute, but let me tell you he is a chewer. He will chew anything he can get his mouth on...trash, toys (I'm not talking about his here) and he doesn't hide them like he used to, now he just tends to destroy them. So after checking email Zoey monster wakes up and the fun really begins.

I have to get breakfast for her and hopefully a Nick Jr show so I have some peace and quiet for a moment. Of course the show chosen was Backyardigans, which is not a bad show, but she wanted the one on On Demand that I think we have watched 20 times this week already (OK, small exaggeration here, but you get the picture). Did I mention that we have watched this a bunch this week, like I know all the lines to the show and its an extended one that's almost an hour long? So I start this and sit down at the computer with my own breakfast, yup all American family eating in front of the computer and

After breakfast I must start some laundry, its a lot of laundry and we call it Mt Morton most of the time. This goes faster than expected and it is now time to stop avoiding the mess from Bailey and get to cleaning (oh did I mention that there were other Bailey messes in the house from previous chewing experiences). I get busy picking up the toys from previous mentioned Zoey and some of Bailey's that he proceeds to drag back out of his cage as I put them in there. This ends in me locking all the toys in his cage...he he. Once all the big things(pieces of trash, toys, whatnot) are picked up I bring out the vacuum.

Now the vacuum is my pride and joy as I begged for a Dyson for months before I finally got one, however, vacuum in this house means loud noise and dogs must run. As a reminder we have a fat dog named Ruby too. She just does not know where to lay down at to stay away from the death machine. So the vacuuming gets done, even moved the furniture to do so, and its time for lunch before we pick up the other kids. Of course, lunch is partaken in front of TV and computer again because I had more emails to check.

Then I get to laugh....I'm barred from Pogo for 3 days. Now what could I have possibly done to get barred you ask? Well, apparently I was cheating on a badge...see I do not think of it as cheating, I think of it as beating the system. Is it my fault they have this glitch, and people are smart enough to figure it out (someone else pointed it out to me)? I guess the fact that I used this glitch to my advantage is not the issue as they did not take away my badge for the game, but they did not like me telling others in the room about it. Oh boo hoo, I emailed them back and said I don't think that what I did is any worse than people announcing "come to my game table, we lose on purpose so you can get your badge." That's cheating in my book too, but I bet those people did not get barred.

So that's what kind of person I am....I use the TV as a babysitter for my preschooler and I cheat on Pogo games. Better watch what you read or you might learn some bad habits. Until the next time, which could be later tonight at this rate, farewell all.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where I belong

You Belong in 1996

With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Andrea--hehe we match.

Oh look what these girls have done

Oh yes, it was brought to my attention tonight that I do not have a blog yet....oh what was I thinking? Actually I was thinking, Im doing good to post on our board everyday, and now you want me to post here too...geesh. But here I am, posting away, and hopefully at some point I will bring a smile to someones face when they read this.

For those of you that know me I live with my boyfriend(yes, he is still just a boyfriend), Mike, and we each have 2 kids, so if you do the math that makes 4 kids. We have all of these kids pretty much all of the time. The kids range in age as follows, Keith-13 yo boy with hormones raging, Bradlee-11 yo boy with hormones starting to rage, Katja-9 yo girl with possible hormones raging, and then of course there is the monster Zoey-3 going on 4 yo girl that is the life of the party and who thinks her hormones should be raging as well...god help us all.

Now mind you along with all these kids we also have Ruby, an old and really fat bassett hound, Bailey, a young and spunky cocker spaniel, and of course Fishy(um that was Zoeys name choice), a pretty beta that sits in my kitchen.

So you add all this together and that leaves me, who on a regular day is screaming for some calgon to take me away from the craziness that is my life. So since I have done an introduction, I am going to leave for the day, but will certainly try to be back tomorrow to enlighten you on some of my adventures in my house, and trust me, they are adventures.