Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh look what these girls have done

Oh yes, it was brought to my attention tonight that I do not have a blog yet....oh what was I thinking? Actually I was thinking, Im doing good to post on our board everyday, and now you want me to post here too...geesh. But here I am, posting away, and hopefully at some point I will bring a smile to someones face when they read this.

For those of you that know me I live with my boyfriend(yes, he is still just a boyfriend), Mike, and we each have 2 kids, so if you do the math that makes 4 kids. We have all of these kids pretty much all of the time. The kids range in age as follows, Keith-13 yo boy with hormones raging, Bradlee-11 yo boy with hormones starting to rage, Katja-9 yo girl with possible hormones raging, and then of course there is the monster Zoey-3 going on 4 yo girl that is the life of the party and who thinks her hormones should be raging as well...god help us all.

Now mind you along with all these kids we also have Ruby, an old and really fat bassett hound, Bailey, a young and spunky cocker spaniel, and of course Fishy(um that was Zoeys name choice), a pretty beta that sits in my kitchen.

So you add all this together and that leaves me, who on a regular day is screaming for some calgon to take me away from the craziness that is my life. So since I have done an introduction, I am going to leave for the day, but will certainly try to be back tomorrow to enlighten you on some of my adventures in my house, and trust me, they are adventures.


Jovi said...

hahah, our powers of blogging are strong, young jedi!

Stacie said...

we are a strong force!

Wendy said...

Apparently so, I guess it helped that Andrea called last night and was bugging me about it on the phone. Or maybe I just wanna be hip like all of you (since I feel very unhipish most days)