Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bottom of the basket syndrome????

Does anyone else have this problem? Dirty clothes get lost in the bottom of the basket, not to be seen clean again for months. It occurs when you don't completely empty the basket while doing laundry and more dirty clothes get piled on top of what is already there. The next time you go to do laundry, you wash what is on top, leaving whats on the bottom there to sit and wait.

It was brought to my attention (by the person that has yet to add me to friends that if you leave clothes that are too small within reach they are gonna wear them (see previous post about Zoey's choice of clothes). To explain why they were in her drawer still...those pants suffered from the bottom of the basket syndrome.

The shirt that technically goes with the pants in question is short sleeved, and the outfit has not been worn for a couple months. Now, the shirt has been clean for a while, but the pants got lost at the bottom of the basket of dirty jeans and recently got washed, dried, and put away. Because of this, these pants were at the top of the stacks in the drawer. So, the last time these pants were worn before Sunday they still fit. The sad thing about the bottom of the basket syndrome is that I know for a fact there is a pair of capris of Zoeys that are in the jeans basket still waiting to be washed. I think those were worn in September to school the last time they were

I have went through great steps to prevent the bottom of the basket syndrome from occurring in the darks and lights baskets (as there used to be a problem here as well), and now I apparently need to implement these steps for the dirty jeans basket. I will keep you posted on this problem in my laundry room regarding Mt Morton.

Until later today, as its time to go buy construction paper and glue sticks, farewell all.


Stacie said...

omg yes...this happens here as well...and what is with our kids shooting up so fast? Bubba skipped 3t lengths, but needs the 3t waist

Deirdre said...

OH MY GOSH!! This happens to me all the time, LOL! I'm so glad there's a name for it ;)