Saturday, February 2, 2008

Missing in action????

So I have been missing in action. This has been a busy week and I just havent had the chance to get on here to post. You are about to learn why....

Science fair projects suck. That should explain a lot of it right Tuesday night, that was the plan. Mike was going to help the boys do their boards on Tuesday night. Yup, that was the Keith forgot all of his science project stuff at school so Mike had to go to the school at 5 and hope that someone was there to let him get into the classroom and get it. Well, thankfully the janitor was still there because Mike was about to blow a gasket (teenager never listens and its getting old).

While they were gone, I decided to look at what Bradlee had done. Now mind you supposedly he had done the experiment and had everything done but finishing typing it up and doing the board. Um sure, he had definitions that he had paraphrased off the internet. I saw no data and nothing that said he did an experiment. Now mind you, I never saw him do his "experiment" in the first place. I came home from work late one night and he was typing up the "results" and had already done the experiment. Of course Mike was home, but he was laying on the couch not paying attention to what was going on, so Im not sure what all Bradlee did, but I dont think he did anything.

So, with Bradlee I had to start all over, at the last minute, to get an experiment done and everything ready. Now this means that I did most of it and was working on it until a little after 11 when I had had enough and just had to stop. We didnt even start on the board until Wednesday, and of course I did most of the work on the whole thing. I just really hate science fair projects because they bring so much stress on the parents, or at least they do in this house.

Now that science fair projects are done, I have just been having issues with the slobs that live in this house. No one picks up after themselves, and then when it comes to actual cleaning, Im the only one that does it for the most part. Occasionally, if I let the house get really messy, it will bug Mike enough that he will do it, but I have to let it go longer than I like to so it doesnt happen often.

Well, Im sure I could come up with more rants, but it is now time for me to go get ready for work. I really hate my job, and another day I might be able to go into detail as to why I hate my job, but now I do not have time. So until then......farewell all.


Stacie said...

I dread the idea of science projects.

Andrea said...

He-he. Don't you love teenagers!